Breakdown in Tokyo – ab dem 30.8. im Kino

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Story (deutsch):

8.910 Kilometer von Berlin entfernt. Der 60jährige Regisseur Lászlo (Zoltan Paul) begleitet mit einer Filmcrew überschwänglich seinen Sohn (Julian Adam Pajzs) und dessen ultra-hippe Band PeroPero auf Japan Tournee. In den Clubs zwischen Osaka und Tokyo versucht Lászlo seinen Jugendtraum nachzuholen: Ein wildes Musikerleben, das ihm seit Jahren ausgerechnet sein eigener Sohn vorlebt.
So gerät gleich nach der Ankunft in Tokyo die junge japanische Tourmanagerin (Tomoko Inoue) in Lászlos aufschäumende Rock & Roll-Begierde. Ungestört, da ihn seine Lebensgefährtin Emma (Clementina Hegewisch) zunächst noch an der langen Leine hält, reizt Lászlo auf der Tour immer mehr seine eigenen Grenzen aus, strapaziert die Nerven der anderen und stürzt sich und seine Familie ins Chaos …

Synopsis (english):

PEROPERO, the future-rock band from Berlin, is touring Japan with gigs in liveclubs from Tokyo to other cities. Director Laszlo (60) is the guitarist’s father. He films the tour through Japan with a film crew for creating documentary about the gigs and life of the band. The filmcrew is accompanied by Laszlos wife Emma who is the producer of the film. But the project is mutating into a dramatic love story between Laszlo and the young Japanese assistant producer Nahoko. Nahoko is an authentic and demanding person, with at least a father complex – apart from other psychological problems. She drives Laszlo increasingly into difficulties. The film crew and the musicians experience life how the director more and more loses control over himself and the film project because of the love adventure with Nahoko. Finally, after a boozed night, they not only end up in bed together but oversleep and nearly miss an important appointment. Emma, the producer shows her partner the red card. Consequently, the director breaks up with Nahoko. And Nahoko disappears in a crying attack with the entire production notes, all dates and all tickets – and the notebook of Emma. Chaos. Anger. Major tension in the group. Now the director needs to find Nahoko at any price and bring her back. But he has an idea where to look and succeeds after an adventurous search.

Nahoko is back but the problem remains. Just before the tour ends, the situation escalates again and now the producer has had it and breaks up with the director. The crew revolts, even his son reproaches him for his behavior whereupon the father breaks down and gets himself blind drunk in a bar. He loses his money and mobile and staggers through the Tokyo night without a clue and orientation. Finally he falls and lays in agony until someone finds him and calls an ambulance. With a suspected heart attack he is being escorted to hospital.

It turns out that he broke two ribs when he fell… Embarrassed and devastated he leaves the hospital in a desperate search for his wife. He wants to fight for her. His son finally reminds him that his last film is being shown in the Goethe Institute the same night and that he is expected to be there. But he wants to catch Emma on airport before she flies back to Germany – and he arrives the airport to late. She is already away…

He arrives at the Goethe Institute and during the q & a in front of the audience he declares his love for his wife and producer – without her his life and his work is not worth anything. And suddenly she leans on the wall watching him. They look at each other and LASZLO with tears in his eyes thanks god that everything would be fine now… But he is taken from the past: Nahoko takes revenge on him.

Peropero-Konzert2 – Kopie – Kopie


Zoltan Paul
Tomoko Inoue
Clementina Hegewisch
Julian Adam Pajzs
Valentin Schuster
Shinji Matsushita
Takuma Nagao
Shoichiro Suzuki
Takuya Takemoto
Yuya Kameyama
Hirohito Kumon
Yuta Aoki
Shinyu Watanabe
Jan Kerhart
Alexander Wendler
Samuel Schmidt
Michael Schmidt


Produced by
Nextfilm Filmproduktion
Coproduced by
Zoltan Paul, Clementina Hegewisch
Executive producer
Diana Matous, Fabian Spuck
Director of Photography/
Fabian Spuck
Director of Photography/
Jan Kerhart 
1st Assistant DOP
Facundo Altube
2nd Assistant DOP
Alexander Wendler
Music by
Julian Adam Pajzs
Julian Adam Pajzs, guitar, vocals, synthesizer
Valentin Schuster, drums
Sound engineer
Samuel Schmidt
Sound assistant
Michael Schmidt
Location Manager/Line Producer
Hitomi Enin
Translations/Assistant Line Producer
Tomoko Inoue
Color grading
Günter Berghaus
Sound Editor/Designer/Mixer  
Michael Schmidt 
Music Scoring Mixer
Julian Adam Pajzs
Ben von Grafenstein
Mirja Gerle
Diana Matous
Editor Consulting
Christian Virmond
Alias Sprachtransfer, Dagmar Jacobsen
Costume supervisor
Daniela Seelig
Script chief supervisor
Nina Grosse
Screenplay by
Zoltan Paul
Directed by
Zoltan Paul